What is Quartzite?
Quartzite is a hard, non-foliated metamorphic rock which was originally pure quartz sandstone. Sandstone is converted into quartzite through heating and pressure usually related to tectonic compression within orogenic belts.What is the difference between granite, marble and limestone?
Granite is unique in terms of hardness, composition and origin. Geologically, it is an igneous rock, meaning it is formed from liquid magma solidified under extreme pressure deep in the earth to form a substance approaching the hardness and durability of diamond. High in quartz and feldspar, granite is highly resistant to scratching and heat. Marble and limestone are calcium carbonate based and are significantly “softer” than granite. Because of this, the polished surface may be scratched more easily and is more vulnerable to “etching” by household acids including vinegar, citrus, and mustard. Honed finishes (not polished or shiny) will minimize the appearance of scratches or etching. Because of its durability, granite is recommended for use in kitchens over other natural stones.

What is quartz (engineered stone) counter top material?
Engineered stone or “quartz” countertops are a manmade product although they contain 93% natural quartz. The quartz is ground to a gravel, then combined with 7% resin and colorants and pressed in to 2cm and 3cm slabs. Permastone Granite and Quartz is a certified fabricator and installer of the Cambria, Hanstone and Zodiaq line(s) of quartz countertops. Quartz countertops are scratch and heat resistant. The surface is completely smooth with no pits or fissures as with granite. The best advantage in choosing quartz countertops is they are non-porous requiring no sealers. They are LEED compliant and GREENGUARD certified. Depending on the style of your project and your personal tastes, there are circumstances where a quartz countertop would be a suitable choice.

I want to switch out my old countertops but there is nothing wrong with the backsplash. Can I keep the existing backsplash and won’t this save me money?
This depends on how the countertops were originally installed. Most of the time we are able to keep the existing backsplash tile although if the tile is applied to laminate, chances are the bottom row of the tile is a little wavy. A final determination will be made during the measure.

What type of edge finish is recommended?
Edges are a personal choice and should be chosen in relation to the overall result intended. Some edges blend well in a modern, contemporary space while others are well suited to a refined, traditional look. Permastone Granite and Quartz has samples of all edge profiles in the showroom.

Will I have seams in my granite counter tops?
This is a question we are asked frequently. The answer is that it depends on your slab selection and your kitchen design. All slab sizes vary however; most will be in the neighborhood of 60 x 110. In this scenario, if you have a long run of cabinets (114″ for example) you will have a seam. Permastone Granite and Quartz is committed to minimizing seams in every job wherever possible. We do provide seam samples in our showroom.

I’ve heard about “pits” and “fissures” in granite. Can you please explain these terms?
The structure of granite is naturally crystalline and can have tiny pits or spaces between the various mineral crystals, as well as natural fissures that look like cracks. These are not structure defects, but rather a naturally occurring result of immense heat and pressure which formed the granite millions of years ago. These characteristics are part of the natural beauty of stone and will not impair the function or durability of the material.

We are considering new granite for our kitchen island now and then would like to do the rest of the kitchen with the same granite in a year or so. Is this possible?
You should view your granite slabs like snowflakes. There are no two that are identical. It is unlikely that slabs you purchase today will match slabs 3 months from now much less a year from now. Additionally, it is typically more cost effective to complete the entire project at once rather than breaking it up in to multiple sessions.

How do I maintain my granite counter tops?
Generally speaking, mild soap and water is the best way to clean granite counter tops. Additionally, we stock a spray type cleaner/polisher which can be purchased through our showroom. You may also choose to use any one of a number of products out on the market today. Contrary to the claims of engineered stone/quartz marketers granite does not stain easily if properly sealed. Our policy is to thoroughly seal your granite at installation. The sealer we use provides an extremely well sealed surface easily protecting your investment for several years. This sealer may also be applied by one of our accredited applicators, in a special application, that will provide you a 15 year written warranty against staining to your granite. Cleaning will be much easier allowing any spilled liquids to hold on the surface. www.lustroitaliano.com

How much do granite or quartz counter tops cost?
Pricing varies according to many different factors. With granite, pricing may change based on supply and demand, where the slabs come from (fuel costs), the amount of labor and time involved in the quarrying and finishing of the slabs. Quartz products are generally in a price range very competitive with one another and will be more expensive than some granites but less than others.Recently the stone counter top industry in general has experienced explosive growth in the number of so-called “professional” granite counter top fabricators and installers, which have led to the perception that granite, should be bought primarily on a price per square foot basis. While it is true granite seems to have become a commodity in the last couple years, quality and service are not commodities and those are the factors that make the difference between a good fabrication and installation and a poor one. It is a mistake to purchase based solely on the price per square foot. Rather, pay careful attention to the expertise and service being provided.

I would like to have a bar in my kitchen for friends and family to sit. How much can the granite over-hang the cabinet without support?
You can safely have 8″ of overhang without using corbels (support brackets). The size and number of corbels necessary can be determined once we have measured. We have them available in iron. There are also very nice wood ones available at various locations in Tulsa. We prefer the corbels be attached to the cabinetry prior to our installation.

Do you offer free quotes?
Yes we do for all jobs over 20 square feet. You may call our office to schedule an appointment for us to meet you at your home. You may also fax over your plan or a drawing of your kitchen and we can give you a close approximation of cost.