Granite is fast replacing marble as the most commonly used countertop in kitchens across the United States. Like marble, it is a natural stone, so it has that look of elegance and sophistication that is impossible to mistake.

One important factor to consider with granite in the kitchen is the amazing array of colors and patterns naturally occurring in this stone. The formation of the granite in different locations traps various minerals in the process, adding colors, veins, and patterns that are simply not available in traditional marble.

The Value of Granite

Professionally fabricated and installed custom granite countertops are a finishing touch to your new or remodeled kitchen. As the countertop is a significant part of the visual space, and it is also a practical consideration, the choice of granite is a very wise one.

Granite is naturally resistant to stains and scratches, largely due to the hardness of this stone. It is formed by liquid rock, or magma, that is cooled under pressure under the surface of the earth. This is similar to the way other hard natural minerals and materials are formed, including diamonds and other types of gemstones.

With natural durability, granite is a perfect option in the kitchen where cutting, sliding of pots and pans and the preparation of food are all considerations. The ability to resist surface scratching as well the heat resistant nature of the stone adds to the ability of this countertop to stand up to busy families and home chefs without losing any of its natural beauty.

This durability and beauty of granite is an investment in your home. These countertops are a consideration for buyers should you ever decide to put your home on the market in the near or distant future.

Plan the Full Kitchen Remodel at One Time

As granite is quarried in large slabs, every slab has a slightly different color and pattern. This is part of the unique aspect of natural stone, but it also creates some challenges if projects are not completed at the same time when consecutive slabs are available.

Waiting six months or a year and then deciding to add an island in a kitchen can cause challenges in finding a match for the existing granite. The same is true with marble or other types of natural stones.

One important factor to keep in mind when planning granite countertops is to plan the entire project in advance. If the island is going to be a part of the kitchen, at least have the countertop cut and ready for installation so it will blend with the granite countertop in color and design.

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